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Murdered 10/22/2011 in Downey, CA

We are demanding change and to protest the senseless murder of Michael Nida, an innocent man, who was shot and killed by Downey PD on Saturday night, October 22, 2011, just 3 days before his 32nd birthday.

We are asking for the public's support!! We want answers from Downey's City Council & Downey PD's practices of intimidation and deadly force. Let’s show them that Michael's life counted for something, and that he did not die in vain. Let’s not use violence and force to get our message across to the City Leaders, let’s show them we can bring them a message without a show of violence and unruliness. We want them to start taking a serious look at how their police force is conducting business and we want the Downey Leaders to implement a policy that does not require shooting first and asking questions later (which appears to be their unwritten policy and/or procedure).

The people who are being hurt or killed are our children, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, our family, people who deserves police protection, not police brutality. THE DOWNEY POLICE ARE TOO QUICK TO DRAW THEIR FIRE ARMS INSTEAD OF THEIR STUN GUNS, MACE OR WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JUST TACKLING SOMEONE AS THEY ARE RUNNING AWAY?

We want change in Downey, Enough of the Deadly Force, Enough of the Unjust Shootings, Enough of the Intimidation. It's time Downey Leaders take a look at how their Police Department hires and trains their officer’s; it’s time Downey police officers are trained and required to use NON-LETHAL force first instead of always pulling their gun out…..shooting first and asking questions later. What about all those innocent by-standers who was in the same area as Michael when he was shot and killed, only by the grace of God, were none of them injured or killed.
We are seeking protection and safety for the people who happen to live in, do business with, or who are just passing through Downey, and JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL LEE NIDA.

We want Reform, better Police Training, better Supervision, better Policies and Procedures, and finally we want JUSTICE, and if they can’t make those changes, then we want their job!

We want Change!
We want Reform!
We want Justice!
R.I.P Michael Nida





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