We are fighting for Justice for Michael Lee Nida II, his wife Naily and their children. We want to make a change for our children and grandchildren. Michael was unarmed and innocent of any crime and he made the ultimate sacrifice by standing up against injustice, so we honor him. Our government is corrupt and has protected his murderer from day one, so we fight against police brutality. Law enforcement officers (LEO) must be held accountable when using force against the people, whether it be excessive or lethal. We will participate in any non-violent action necessary in order to achieve the goals we have set forth. We stand in solidarity with other surviving families who have suffered from police brutality and share in our resources and experience for their benefit in their time of grief. Michael's death will not be in vain. There must be change.


  1. Establish an effective "whistle-blowing" program for officers to report their colleagues who act inappropriately, without recourse to the whistle-blower. We will support the good officers.
  2. Enforce stricter training and accountability for LEO: mental, physical and psychological. Including training on public's Constitutional Rights as well as understanding the diversity of society (i.e., PTSD, homelessness, mental illness, drug addiction, etc.), and change the mentality of LEOs. We are NOT at war.
  3. Establish laws and restrictions on use of automatic and semi-automatic weapons by LEOs.
  4. Educate the public and create a network to be a resource for other families who are going through the same struggle.
  5. Conduct and participate in protests and marches in a civil non-violent manner, exercising our 1 st Amendment Rights.
  6. Update the Police Officer Bill of Rights to make LEOs accountable when they use unjustified force. LEOs need to follow the same laws and standards as the public. We want to expose the unfair policies.
  7. Support a civilian oversight committee by election, not appointment, with subpoena power.
  8. Educate the next generation by speaking to colleges, high schools, law schools and police academies.


  1. When protesting, we will always act respectful, abide in the law, but we will exercise our 1st Amendment Right.
  2. We will not use profanity or profane gestures toward the public or LEOs, as that only reflects badly on us.
  3. The group will vote on goals, plans, conduct and membership.

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