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12/22/89 - 10/1/2012

Javier "Javie" Arrazola, born December 22, 1989 was beaten and tasered to death after being handcuffed by LAPD on October 1, 2012. This tragic incident happened at 18400 Valerio St. in the city of Reseda in a gated apartment complex.

Javier was walking down stairs in the complex when police officers chased him and his friend. There was nowhere to go when police cornered him, arrested him, beat him, and tasered him to death. He was left on the concrete with no help, no CPR. He was left there dying. Paramedics were called and it took them 20 minutes to get him to a hospital that was only 2 minutes away.

Javie was not a criminal, he didn't have a weapon, and was not on parole or probation. So why did Officer Charles Wunder do this to our loved one? Charles Wunder is a murderer and has committed the same crime 4 times and is still patrolling the streets.

We know there were many witnesses the day of Javie's tragic death, and we are asking for the help of the community to help bring justice for our family member.




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