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Died 6/8/2011

On June 8th Ernest Duenez Jr. was wrongfully murdered by Manteca Police Officer "JOHN MOODY". The Family is represented by Attorney John Burris in a Civil lawsuit against the Manteca Police Dept. because we are certain Ernest was killed as a result of excessive force.

The family has successfully viewed the video revealing the incident in which an unarmed Ernest was shot at multiple times while trying to get out of the back seat of a vehicle where his leg was caught in the seatbelt. The video shows Ernest had his hands up while exiting and was shot in the chest and face.

We are seeking answers from the Manteca Police Department as to WHY? officer John Moody (who shot 13 bullets at our unarmed loved one) is still on duty. We are seeking answers to find out WHY? the police have changed their story of the event over & over. We are seeking answers from the Attorney general as to WHY? they have not filed criminal charges against officer John Moody.





Warning: Graphic footage - Murder of Ernest Duenez Jr.
by bnisenbaum

Published on December 13, 2012



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