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On June 24, 2010, my 18 year son was gunned down by a DEA agent and Sheriff's deputy in a busy public parking lot at 9:30 in the evening. He was an honor student, in the band, and orchestra. Admittedly he had committed no crime. The multi jurisdictional task force of DEA, IRS, LA County Sheriffs Deputies, and an LAPD officer had decided it was a good idea to use this public parking lot as a debriefing area. They had just finished serving a search warrant at a private residence in the area and had confiscated guns and cash, which they had brought with them to the busy parking lot. They were NOT in uniform and their vehicles were unmarked. Upon arrival, they quickly veered from their mission to accost a pedestrian. Seconds later, as my son was driving slowly through the parking lot, he was shot through the side -drivers window. The single bullet entered his left arm, passed through his left lung, heart, and right lung before exiting his right arm. Zac managed to make a right turn, but crashed into parked cars seconds later. The officers, "in fear for their lives" continued shooting 5 more shots before the car came to a stop. The agents admitted no one was in front of the car. However they had an "impression" that their "might" have been someone. Three weeks after graduating from high school - Zachary's life was gone. He was my only son. The joy of my life. For two and a half years my attorney's and I have been gathering information.
This is what we know: the evidence and the defense (the USA) now concede that Zac was traveling between 0 and 6 miles an hour when shot. The County of Los Angeles Ballistics expert states that a bullet was tampered with and a rivet from the car was moved (depicted in separate photographs). The DEA states in their report that agents announced themselves to Zac, but in their testimony they admitted that they had "no time" to identify themselves.
They have lied and tried to cover up the truth. They can't hide forever.
- Carol Champommier (mother)





Zachary Nathan Champommier
by Preston Ross

Published on June 28, 2010

I HOPE those closest to you and even those not so close find peace and are able to make sense of all of this. I hope your family makes it through and finds some healing. It may sounds harsh but time does not heal all wounds. The gut punches will become deep aches overtime, but they are there to remind us how deeply that person is ingrained in us. They are not there to hurt you, and over time they will become a good thing. Although the physical you is gone, the hand print you left on peoples hearts will last forever. Your life will shape the lives of others and will continue on through those who loved you. You will never know how much of an impact you had on people you barely knew, knew for your whole life, or once knew in the past. To those people, just know that horrible bizarre feeling you cant quite describe will eventually pass. My thoughts and prayers are with Zac, His family and all of those who knew Zac in anyway.



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